Downtown Miami

"We Will Be Downtown"!

"Miami is a vibrant city, it is a city with a lot of passion and is ready for soccer. I am going to work hard and look forward to spending a lot of time here" - David Beckman

Welcome to Miami!
Press Conference took place at PAMM 2/5/14

"We Will be Downtown"! -David Beckman

International News bring made from right here in Downtown Miami. From all the cities in the world, David Beckman has chosen Miami as the city to purchase his MLS franchise. 


Negotiations began last week, currently in the process of identifying the site. 
Mayor Carlos Gimenez is spearheading negotiations on behalf of Miami-Dade County 

Public Funding - David Beckman confirmed that they are not looking for public funding

Academy will be created in Miami to mentor/train children and is a big component of bringing MLS to Miami


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