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The Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival of Music, Art & Dance is back! February 20-23, 2014 at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.

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February 20 - 23rd

Founded 22 years ago as a not-for-profit supporting arts, education, and the fight against AIDS, the GrassRoots Festival Organization has grown into a multi-dimensional and multi-state platform for community engagement. The Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance is the winter season GrassRoots Festival and will be held at Miami’s Historic Virginia Key Beach Park. The Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival joins New York’s Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival and North Carolina’s Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival in a not-for-profit festival triumvirate that spans four seasons.

This year GrassRoots welcomes the addition of the offerings of Coconut Grove's own "Zen Village" to the festival! They are providing ample opportunity to experience a variety of healing workshops every day of the festival! 

We are also happy to announce that a team of Holistic Practitioners will be on site to soothe and align all aspects of our bodies so that we may enjoy this connection to the greatest extent imaginable. 

We will be offering workshops all day in our Kids' Area as well! Art, crafts, games, pure play, there's a LOT happening there! 

Within our Sustainability Forum you can engage in inspiring conversation and visioning of the "nuts and bolts" of how we can help to shape the physical world into greater harmony! Come connect and share your dreams! 

The GrassRoots World Cafe' will once again be offering a global sampling of deliciousness... come get your fill and meet a friend!

The bottom line of this type of experience is this: No matter what brought you here... it may be the love of live music, the possibility of healing and inspiration, the sweet ocean breeze of island camping, the desire to dance, laugh, and play, to relax with friends old and new, whatever that "thing" is for each of us... It is here and so much more, if we can remain open to experiencing it. Community is built on Love. Come immerse yourself in this experience. Dance to your own beat and expand your "steps". Attend a yoga class or meditation. Walk out of your tent and go for a swim. Step out of your everyday life and allow yourself to BE in the present moment. The connections made may be more inspiring than your wildest dreams. We love you!


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