MBV Courtyard Digital Board

Reach Mary Brickell Village patrons by showcasing your brand on the new digital boards located around this dynamic center in Brickell

The Mary Brickell Village Digital Network offers patrons key information about the happenings around the center. There are two active screens located in key areas within the property. Both locations access the same network:

Mary Brickell Village
Center Courtyard Area
Digital Display Board

Downtown Miami Residents & Visitors Center
Ground Level

Digital Display Board Content

  • Total of 5 - 30sec slides dedicated to Mary Brickell Village general information
  • Total of 2 - 30sec slides dedicated to general Public Service Announcements
  • Total of 10 - 30sec slides dedicated to Advertisers

The above are all maximum numbers allowable per category

Digital Display Board Rotation

  • Continous loop rotation plays 7-days a week from 10:00am-3:00am
  • Maximum Total of 30 sec slides 17
  • Maximum complete set 8.5 minutes
  • Plays immediately pre/post major sports games-scheduled TV programs
Digital Display Board Cost
  • $500 per month per segment (slide) 3 consecutive months minimum
    10% discount for 6 consecutive months
  • Tenants of Mary Brickell Village receive a 20% discount 
  • Unlimited changes to segment/slide during the duration of term purchased
  • 50% of total agreement amount due upon reservation of spot - activation date is considered commencement the term period


    There are three designs available all appear for a 30 second period. You will be able to change the layout (design) at any time during your agreement time period.

    Once you have reserved your space please submit the required materials by email to:
    Space wiil be activated within 24hours of receiving materials

    a) 1-Large Image/Headline-Text/Logo
    Provide: jpeg image high res for picture area horizontal
    Text for Copy Area (Title/Subtitle)

    b) 3-Large Images/Headline-Text/Logo
    Provide: jpeg images (3) high res for picture area horizontal
    Text for Copy Area (Title/Subtitle)

    C)YouTube Link/Logo

Advertising Information:
Ed Miranda


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