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Inaugural Exhibition Schedule opening in Museum Park in December 2013

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Special Exhibition Galleries: Ai Weiwei: According to What?

November 2013 – March 16, 2014

Ai Weiwei: According to What? is the first major international survey of this artist’s multifaceted artistic oeuvre. The exhibition reveals the interrogative nature of Ai’s practice, and its role as an ever-questioning dialogue with the social, political, and cultural positions of his native China and the world at large. Featuring work from the last 20 years, the exhibition includes his early photographic works—images taken when he was a young artist living in New York and traveling throughout the U.S.—and the large-scale sculptures for which he is best known. These sculptures, often made from modified found objects, suggest the irreverent style of Ai’s work and reconfigure materials in new and evocative ways. With a broad formal range, Ai has continuously challenged possible meanings and modes of art making, most recently employing the Internet and its global reach as a platform for activism and expression. His provocative works are an exploration of the transformative potential of contemporary art, which he has said is “not a form but a philosophy of society.” PAMM’s presentation of this exhibition, originally organized by the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, will feature new work, including a large-scale, site-specific installation. The exhibition design was also specially conceived by the artist and Herzog & de Meuron to be in dialogue with the new building architecture.

Overview Galleries: AMERICANA

November 2013 – May 2015

The Museum’s permanent collection will be displayed thematically within six Overview Galleries that are positioned throughout the first two floors of the building. Collectively titled AMERICANA, these six galleries will present artwork produced by artists working in North, South, and Central America, and the Caribbean. The bi-lingual title of this presentation evokes North American vernacular collecting traditions, as well as a hemispheric perspective that looks across national and regional borders. This focus on the Americas serves to highlight the strengths of the collection, while at the same time reflecting the diverse audiences of the Museum―the majority of who have cultural ties to these areas of the world. 

The six galleries that make up AMERICANA are arranged thematically, each space developed in the form of a short essay offering a focused view on a particular issue or set of preoccupations that have engaged artists from the Americas since the mid-20th century. Among the issues to be explored are relations between contemporary painting and craft traditions, legacies of constructivism and minimalism, and the connections between politics and violence. The spaces combine artworks produced at various historical moments over the last eight decades. The specific pieces and themes explored in AMERICANA will change over the course of 18 months, as these galleries are periodically re-configured.

Special emphasis has been placed on the presentation of artworks by artists currently living in Miami, as a way of highlighting the growing position of this city as an important site of art production internationally. AMERICANA additionally augments PAMM´s young collection with artworks borrowed from outstanding local collections, an organizing strategy that seeks to recognize these collections as resources for the constituents of Miami and South Florida.

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