Hector Rolotti

“We will keep in our hearts all memories of his infinite generosity, his deep sense of friendship and concern for all who were lucky enough to have been around him,” -Novecento Group

"friends, guests, employees who left, leave, and will leave their mark every day:
They are part of this magical journey, this dream and this mistyque.
Novecento is theirs...Novecento is yours"-Hector Rolotti Founder

Silvia Morales

As I was searching from deep within to find the right words to say about the passing of Hector Rolotti Founder of Novecento, I found inspiration from a quote (above) written by Hector about Novecento. "Leaving their mark" fitting for someone that himself left a mark that stretched out internationally. 

We join everyone in acknowleding the mark Hector left on all aspects of his life. In the Brickell community Novecento will always serve as an example of someone that followed a magical journey. A successful life, a valiant effort to save another - we will always remember Hector Rolotti.

Our Deepest Sympathy goes out to all members of the Rolotti Family, Friends, and Novecento Group, our hearts and prayers are with you.


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