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Awesome writing and pictures from "Lipstick Voice" on her visit to Downtown Miami

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As you may know through my Instagram pictures I was in Miami 
three weeks ago for a working trip. I love my job but even more
when I get to travel to a city like Miami with sun and a lot 
of things happening around. For being my first time in the 
United States I have to say that going to Miami was a perfect 
beginning. I was fascinated with the weather, the friendliness 
of the people, the great views from the skyscrapers and being 
in a place that combines the 2 things I love - big cities 
and beach! As I saw, Miami is really picking up as a 
trendy spot... Lot's of happenings, interesting new designers 
and artists, new art museums being opened, new businesses 
and good restaurants. 
I definitely recommend this place for living or at least 
visiting once.

Thanks to everyone and the TOUS jewelry team who made me feel like home in Miami. I send you some warm regards from cold Sweden and I am longing back already.


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