DowntownMiami's Blackbird Ordinary

Bartender, Ben Potts Creates Winning Cocktail for ShakeStir

Miami April Flash Cocktail Competition WINNER



(Blackbird Ordinary, Miami)

Ben Potts, bartender at Miami’s Blackbird Ordinary is the winner of ShakeStir’s Miami Flash Cocktail Competition. Ben’s cocktail, the Oracion Del Sur (full recipe below), features G’Vine Floraison Gin and Kappa Pisco.

ShakeStir is a premier bartender community network. G'Vine was entered into one of their flash competitions, which allow bartenders 24 hours to create their best cocktail. Cocktails are judged by a select team of world-renowned mixologists.


Ben says, "This is a play on a Vesper. I subbed the Vodka for Kappa Pisco, and used G'vine Floraison Gin instead of the standard London Dry. Cocchi Americano Bianco for Kina Lillet and a few dashes of lemon bitters to bring out the citrus and the floral notes."





    1.5 oz Kappa Pisco

    1.0 oz G'Vine Floraison Gin

    1.0 oz Cocchi Americano Bianco

    2 dashes Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters

    1 peel Lemon Zest

Servings: 1 Inspiration: A Vesper is an evening prayer, Oracion, meaning the same thing, is it's Latin American counterpart Glass Type: Coupe Flavor: Floral Color: Clear 

Ingredients 1.5 oz Kappa Pisco 1.0 oz G'Vine Floraison Gin 1.0 oz Cocchi Americano Bianco 2 dashes Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters 1 peel Lemon Zest 

Method Add all liquid ingredients to a mixing glass, stir with cracked ice, strain into a chilled coupe, and garnish with a lemon zest. 

 Quotes from the Judges 
 "The Kappa and Cocchi give it a nice twist on a classic. Great name too!" 
- Gabe Orta 

"Good to see a stirred cocktail utilizing both spirits - good job!" 
Elad Zvi 

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