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Miami Avenue Bridge Closed

The county has said that construction is anticipated to be completed in March of 2015, weather permitting.

Miami Avenue Bridge
Closed for One Year

Detours are in place for northbound traffic for the improvement project now underway for the Miami Avenue Bridge, a project of the Miami-Dade County Public Works and Waste Management Department. Workers are repairing concrete sidewalk joints, installing new marine navigation lighting and replacing electrical components, among other projects.

The county has said that construction is anticipated to be completed in March of 2015, weather permitting. Construction will occur Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. The contractor may conduct some construction activities on weekends and at night with prior approval from the County.

The County states the scope of work consists of, but is not limited to, repairing concrete sidewalk joints at the approaches to the bridge and at the toe of the bridge bascule leaves; replacing the entire existing five-inch open steel grating; repairing and replacing structural members; coating all existing and new structural members of the bascule leaves; installing new navigation lighting; and repairing and replacing electrical components as required by the contract documents. The work is being performed in phases to minimize the impact to local residents, schools, businesses and the motoring public. The area will be restored to its original condition upon completion of the construction activities. Restoration will address any areas impacted by the project, such as grassy areas, sidewalks and other items affected by the construction. During construction, motorists and pedestrians must obey the traffic signs and follow the Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plan for the bridge.

The project is being done in two phases. In phase one, the northbound side of the bridge will be closed. Motorists will follow the detour signs that will take them east on Southeast Eight Street over to Brickell Avenue, then north onto Biscayne Boulevard Way. From there, motorists will continue north on to Biscayne Boulevard, then turn left into Southeast Second Street heading west. Then they will head north on South Miami Avenue.

For the second phase, the southbound of the bridge will be closed. Southbound traffic will be detoured at Southwest Second and Third Street going west to Southwest Second Avenue. Motorists will continue south to Southwest Seventh and Eight Street going east onto South Miami Avenue.

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