Tim Burton’s Batman

Popcorn Nights & O CINEMA are proud to present Tim Burton’s Batman: 25th Anniversary Screening & Costume Pre-show!

Tuesday May 27th at 8PM
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The first 36 people to arrive will get an original pack of 1989 Topps Batman movie trading cards. (Just don’t chew the gum in the pack…it’s 25 years old!!!)

Everyone has their favorite cinematic Batman.  For many, it is Christian Bale, for a few it is Val Kilmer, for nearly nobody, it is George Clooney.  For me, it will always be Michael Keaton.   If you asked me which Joker I loved more, Jack Nicholson’s or Heath Ledger’s?  Well that would be tougher because they are both awesome.  However, the Gotham City that Burton helped create is simply awesome and 1989′s “Batman” helped pave the way for modern day superhero films.   Please join Popcorn Nights and O Cinema for this one-night-only 25th Anniversary Screening of BATMAN, hosted by myself, Marc Ferman ( &

8pm: Courtyard Pre-show and costume contest.  Come dressed as your favorite DC Comics character. The best costumes will win one of many awesome prizes.  There will also be a food truck to get your grub on and more.  Plus take the time and mingle with your fellow local movie fans, after all…you all have the same taste in awesome movie classics.

9pm: Sit back and relax inside O Cinema, grab some popcorn and drink of your choice and feast your eyes on the Tim Burton Comic Book classic “Batman” as it was meant to be seen… on the big screen!

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