Court House Parking Garage

We get over 10,000 daily impressions with this new sign at The Court House Parking Garage, make an impact and promote your DWNTWN business

Court House Parking Garage
41 NW 3rd Street
Parking Garage Advertisement Corp
Contact: Tom Comcau
Tel. 954-558-4975
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The Courthouse Garage is a mixed-use parking facility that is used by approximately 10,000 vehicles on a daily basis. Conveniently loacted in the center of Downtown Miami, this parking facility is within walking distance from both the Federal and State Courthouses as wekk as Miami-Dade County City Hall, The Miami-Dade College/Wolfson Campus, The Downtown Miami Jewelry District, Bayside Shopping Center and the American Airlines Arena. In addition, this facility caters to the numerous highlu popular and award winning events held in the downtown area throughout the year such as the Miami Book Fair.

We are thrilled to be featured inside the garage with promotional signage. Parking Garage Advertising LLC offers seven "high-visibility" advertising products within this centrally located parking facility.

We encourage Downtown Miami businesses to join us in reaching this market by promoting your business in ramp murals, elevator cars, pay stations, overhead ramps, gate arms and more. The options are many, the impact is huge and the introductory rates are amazing! Opportunities are available starting as low as $100-$300 per month for a limited time.

We know we are making excellent can too! Let's promote all that Downtown Miami has to offer, encourage business within DWNTWN.


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