Celebrate Bastille Day

French National Day will be celebrated in and around Downtown Miami this coming Saturday, July 14

Miami Bastille Day
 (8:30 p.m.-2 a.m.)
Alliance Francaise
618 SW 8th Street 

To the rhythm of the music, guests will be welcomed at 8:30pm by Rosa Bonheur, a Miami-based "musette" band. This exciting and surprise-packed gathering will be animated and hosted by Charly Nestor, a renowned French TV host and Laurent Yssartel will man the DJ post until the end of the ball.

Bastille at Loulou French
at Lou Lou le Petit Bistro (6 p.m.-midnight)
LouLou Bistro, quaint coziness nestled in the Brickell skyline presents the Spice Menu Bastille Dinner $39 choose 3 Course with Glass Champagne

Bastille Day at Dominique
Dominique Bistro Club presents a Bastlle Day Dinner Party featuring 3 course dinner with glass of champagne $35pp Reserve at 305-371-8859

db Bistro Moderne
db Bistro Moderne
at db Bistro Moderne (6 p.m.-midnight)
Bastille Pre-Set Menu $38 3 Course  db Bistro Moderne offers an exciting mix of traditional French bistro cooking and contemporary American flavors. Chef Daniel Boulud’s restaurant ...

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