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Maria Angelina Elia
International Business Consultant
Living, Working and Playing in Downtown Miami

Join in welcoming Angelina Elia. This Downtowner enjoys all the great things happening in Downtown Miami and now she'll be sharing her experiences with us. 

Resorts World Bimini SuperFast

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Maria Angelina Elia
August 2013

The new cruise Bimini SuperFast, is an extraordinary opportunity for all Downtowners and Miamians; The cruise departs at two different times everyday from the port of Miami to Resort World Bimini on the Island of Bimini, Bahamas.
The cruise takes only two hours from and to the beautiful island of Bimini. Between the great cabins, casino, various restaurants and outstanding crew you are sure to have a wonderful time while on the ship. If you go and return the same day, in my opinion, although fun, it is too short.
 I fully recommend staying the night to enjoy more of the island and the resort. The resort is a tropical paradise of 750 acres of beautiful beaches, pools, restaurants and a casino.
Prices for both the cruise roundtrip,  (including breakfast and dinner) and the rooms at the resort are very affordable especially in this time when they are promoting this new alternative in Miami.  
My deepest gratitude  to Marife Abad front office Manager, Frank Hasenwinkel Hotel Director and  George Katsaras 2nd Officer and all the other officers, for their great service and hospitality.


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