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Chef Julian Baker

Chef Julian Baker of Toscana Divino competes against fellow Miami chefs in “Fit to Fight” – a weight loss challenge for charity!

Fit to Fight travels to Miami in 2014 where 12 local chefs will participate in the 12-week weight loss challenge to raise funds for Live To Fight, a non-profit organization that supports individuals with life-threatening illnesses. 

Chef Julian Baker of Toscana Divino 
Challenge Launched June 30th - Lasts 12 Weeks

Fit to Fight is a regional weight loss challenge and fundraiser developed by Washington, D.C. chef and restaurateur, Mike Isabella. After leading a similar weight loss challenge in 2013, where Isabella and 14 other D.C. chefs lost more than 300 pounds combined, Isabella decided to take the concept of a chef's fitness challenge to cities across the U.S. 

Fit to Fight helps chefs and restaurant industry contestants focus on their own health to lose weight, live healthier lifestyles and give back to charity. Contestants commit to a 12-week challenge that includes a training program developed by Ben Isabella, a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist. Isabella works with local gyms and trainers who volunteer to provide gym access and training sessions to aid in each contestant's quest to become more fit and lose big. Each contestant is asked to raise a minimum of $1500 through individual donations and goal-based pledges. The winner is determined by the largest percentage of weight lost and announced at the final weigh-in and closing event at a local venue.

Proceeds benefit Live To Fight, a non-profit organization that brings together people in the martial arts and mixed martial arts community to raise money and offer additional support for people within that community with life-threatening illnesses.

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