Fratelli Milano

Fratelli Milano… “A definite gem, in Downtown Miami!” - A Brunette in Brickell:

Fratelli Milano

213 SE 1st Street Miami, FL, United States 33131

Angie Noda

A Brunette in Brickell”


Thursday, August 7th, 2014

After hearing so many great comments from friends, and reading such wonderful reviews on Yelp… I decided to give“Fratelli Milano” my own personal assessment, and judge it for myself!

Fratelli Milano is obviously a big hit around town, because it was packed.

This was the location of Date #2 for Alex and I.

It was very intimate and cozy…  Fratelli Milano really did have an authentic feel of romance in Italy.

(I toured Italy back in highschool so I can confirm this! LOL)

Fabulous service, detailed attention, a great menu, and all at an incredible price!

I was obviously taught better than to pay on dates, but when I asked to see the bill in order to write adequately regarding the cost, it was incredibly affordable… considering it was an Italian meal for two including wine 

General Criteria…

The food is authentic… CHECK!

The service is excellent… CHECK!

The menu is all at a resonable price… CHECK!

Fratelli Milano… “A definite gem, in Downtown Miami!”

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