Can You Feel It?

This soon to be released Documentary captures the beat that draws in 150,000 to Downtown Miami for Ultra Music Festival.

There are many adjectives one could conjure to describe the world’s biggest and most famous dance music event, but in the case of Ultra Music Festival – the ‘Ultra’ bit kinda says it all. As the festival Goliath tears towards its 14th edition in Downtown Miami during Miami Music Week in March 2012, and with pre-sale tickets selling out in record time, crashing a server field in the process…the buzz is already at fever pitch.

But the hype is about to get a whole lot bigger…because pulling out all the stops once again, the same people who brought you the Ultra Music Festival also created the separate “UMF” and “UMF Films” brands and are rewarding faithful music fans with a stunning, ‘no expense spared’ feature-length documentary…‘CAN U FEEL IT’!

Here is the first of two exquisite movie trailers, shot in breath-taking FULL HD! This extraordinary, energy-laden 90-second snapshot is not only a stunning piece of film in itself, it also provides a tantalizing insight into what’s in store when the full movie drops early 2012. As event planners, we are an awe of a yearly festival able to attract and maintain 150,000+. Throughout the years we have shared the Metromover and wondered what Ultra was all about...well, one look at this teaser trailer and yes, we can feel it! We'll see you at Bayfront Park March 25-27th 2012.

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