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Presenting: Carlos Antonio Rancaño

Artist Carlo Antonio Rancaño Modern Impressionism on exhibit at the Downtown Miami Residents and Visitors Center


                                                 Carlos Antonio Rancaño
                                                         "Megan Fox"

We were recently visited by Brickell resident/artist, Carlos Antonio Rancaño with his latest piece now on display at the Center. His work perfectly coordinates with our sleek sofa from El Dorado. This is an impressive piece and yes, it can be yours...just stop by the Downtown Miami Residents and Visitors Center for more information...

Interview with Carlos Antonio Rancaño
by Gaby Yidi

Where are you from, how you started in this field, where did you train?
"I was born in Miami and am Cuban/Panamanian descent. Since I could remember I was drawing and as a 3rd grader my teacher recommended me to a magnet school where I could further broaden my talents through painting. I then started at the South Miami Magnet School and graduated high school from G. Holmes Braddock. For college I decided to attend the Miami Art Institute in Downtown for Graphic Design and now have a career as a Graphic Designer/Advertiser for the Zimmerman group. I paint as a passion, not as a career but I would hope to make it one."

Why did you decide to pursue this talent?
"Anyone given a talent cannot put it to waste. We are given a talent and just like we are given one, it can be taken away from us. If you are blessed with the talent, you use it and it has to happen."

What inspires you to paint what you do?
"Women and their expressions. With the way they smile, laugh, have their eyebrows raised, anything facial, women show emotions through their face. With thick strokes, broad outlines, loud colors I can express women's emotions. A smirk can tell you anything if they want you to see it. I have always painted people but never delved into objects or the abstract."

What kind of style would you describe your work?
Modern Impressionism

Do you have any influences artist wise?
"Chuck Close. I cannot compare myself to him because we are very different but his concepts are very influential."

Why did you stay in Downtown Miami?
"Since I was born and raised here, Miami seemed fitting. I has been to New York, North Carolina, and even Panama but I have never even thought of leaving."

What do you see your future being?
"I know I will succeed if I work hard enough. I don't want to be a millionaire but by trying my best and giving it my all I will be able to succeed in my own personal way. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out but I know that I tried my best and worked hard at what I do."

Describe yourself in three words.
"Passionate, naive, and hopeful."

Inspiring quote...
"Imagination is more important than knowledge" -Albert Einstein
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