3rd Annual B.O.M.B. Miami 2013

Beard & Mustache Competition at Tobacco Road

Saturday December 28th at 6:00pm
Tobacco Road
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First and foremost this is a facial hair competition. Dressing up, dressing the part, and/or costumes are encouraged but not required. The competitors love it and the spectators love it too, but the competition is about the facial hair(only). ...
Secondly, all reference to the word "aids" is in reference to wax, mousse, hairspray, gel, etc. NO structural enhancements are permitted (wires, rubber-bands, etc.). All styled facial hair must be real hair grown and still growing on your face.

Thirdly, people with beards may not enter mustache categories. We would suggest the groomed beard category, if you want to emphasize a styled mustache. 

Lastly, a competitor may only enter one category. The creative mustache and beard categories are the only exception to this rule. >More


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