MDC MOA+D Bazaar

An initiative of MOA+D’s Pop Up Shop!

Venture Hive

This place is ideal for Downtowners wanting to be in the loop of cool innovations-ideas...check out programming

In the Lobby Lounge

The Olympia Theater kicks of new season of live jazz in the lobby

Breakfast Club

Are you a Downtowner with a love for the 80's?


Head over to Will Call Wednesdays

A Christmas Posada

St. Kieran Catholic Church invites all to a Christmas Posada and Caroling in Mary Brickell Village

Lime and Erotic Exotic

Here's Our Pick for Downtowners with a Love of the 80's

Annual Holiday Celebration

The Brickell Homeowners Association gather Brickell neighbors for the Annual Holiday Tradition at 1814 Brickell Avenue Park
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