5 mesmeric excursion Destinations of Bhopal

Bhopal is a city of lakes and there is no shortage of attractive destinations here. Once you visit this capital of Madhya Pradesh, you will surely fall in love with its gorgeous sites, splendid sites and amazing monuments.

So, don’t wait and just find out the hotels in Bhopal with rates and get your rooms booked for a memorable trip. the monuments, lakes, museums, sites and views will definitely leave you enthralled. Just have a look at 5 mesmeric excursion destinations of Bhopal.
  • Gohar Mahal
This Mahal is mapped on the edge of Upper Lake. The place is one of the most stayed spots in Bhopal. The palace was built in the nostalgia of Gohar Begum who was the first woman ruler of Bhopal. It was constructed in 1820 and showcases the outstanding architectural prodigy of the time. It is a mix of Hindu and Mughal design.
  • Sadar Manzil
Bhopal is full of superb architectural phenomena. Talking about Sadar Manzil, it has a prominent place. It is located head-to-head to royal Enclave that served as a royal courtroom for ruling head of the city. the whole construction is built with red bricks that provide it a fascinating appeal.
  • Van Vihar National Park
The park is situated in the mid of city. It is a retreat of greenery stretched across an area of four hundred forty-five hectares. More of a zoo, the place embraces a diversity of animals that are orphaned, transported from different areas of state or got exchanged from other zoos. This area is filled with a natural beauty and leaves visitors with rejuvenating aura. Wild animal photographers visit this park in a huge number to grasp the richness of area.
  • Bhimbetka Caves
It is about 46 kilometres from Bhopal and it is also a World Heritage site. It underlines the rich history of this city. These caves were discovered abruptly in 1957-58 by an archaeologist. Rock paintings in caves are extremely stylish and rich. They are more than fifteen thousand years of age. They showcase the lifestyle of men of historic time. The art works on walls and ceilings of these caves are unique pieces of creation. So, if you are keen to taste the historic chic and trends, this is a must visit for you.
  • Upper Lake
It is absolutely right to say that Upper Lake is the main pride of Bhopal. It is also known as Bhojtal. This lake is one of the most relished places to visit in the city and undoubtedly a wonderful site to enjoy a lively picnic with family.
People believe that the history of Upper lake dates back to time of great king of Malwa, Parmara Raja Bhoj. The lake is encircled with plenty of beautiful sites so, don’t forget to carry along your camera!

So, find out the hotels in Bhopal railway station and go for an exciting trip in this city of lakes. From natural sites to historic gems, everything will leave you stunned and amazed!


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