Tankless hot water heater: FAQ’s

SuperGreen is the leading manufacturer of tankless hot water heater across the world. Here are some basic FAQ’s which can help you clear your doubts about these water heaters and can help you to decide which model will be best for your household.
How many AMPs do the units need?
30, 40, 60 or 80 AMPS respectively
• How many Volts do they need?
• Will the power fluctuation do damage the unit?
A lower power supply will reduce the output performance in temperature rise but it any conditions will not damage the unit infrared tankless water heater   infrared tankless water heater
• Will it work off of solar panels?
SuperGreen IR-Series heaters can be used as Solar Backup with the Solar Storage tank.
• Will this unit work for radiant heat?
Yes, radiant heat is an application design that uses a closed recirculation loop.
• Will it have detailed instructions for installation and operation?
An Installation Manual is included with every SuperGreen IR-Series Unit. Which is simple to understand and hence you can install it easy, as it is portable too to be carried easily anywhere you need.
• Can anyone install the unit or do you have to be certified?
SuperGreen IR-Series must be installed by a licensed contractor according to your local building codes.
• Does the unit come with warranty?
In USA, IR series 3000 to 8000 has 10 years on heat exchanger and 3 years Electric Components. POU series has 2 years warranty.

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