5 Basic SEO Tips and Tricks you must follow

The digital world is rapidly evolving and so is the SEO domain. Not keeping up with current SEO trends and following an outdated SEO strategy would render all your other efforts futile. Websites that are designed keeping SEO trends and smartly optimized content in consideration are able to drive much greater organic traffic. It is thus, critical to keeping updating your SEO efforts to rank high in search engine results and emerge as an accessible brand.

Here are 5 basic SEO tips and tricks you should make the best of:

  • Minimal load time

Google’s latest algorithm identifies page speed as an important factor in determining page rank. Additionally, a fast website enhances user experience, giving him/ her more reason to revisit. You don’t necessarily have to limit your efforts to employing AMP. Instead, optimize page speed by employing plugins and making use of backup technology to store cache files, which can potentially increase load time. Statistics claim that the ideal load time of your page should not exceed 3 seconds.
  • Mobile Optimization

No digital user today is present in just one place – his time and attention are divided between different online mediums. Every day, people are spending more time on tablets and mobile devices, but numerous websites let mobile optimization take a back seat on their list of priorities. Your website must be mobile optimized for it to display effortlessly across different load times and screen sizes. This involves updating the structure and flow of the site, as well as reviewing over-all design.
  • Enable voice search functionality

2017 has seen the development of voice search as an accurate and fully functional mode of command. The most optimal way of leveraging from this opportunity is to incorporate words in your content that people genuinely speak. Voice Search Functionality is not just convenient but also safer for when your user is multitasking. He is bereft of the agony invoked by the need to type each time he wishes to communicate or search.
  • Don’t ignore your content

Irrespective of all, there is one unchallenged rule that every digital marketer must follow – content is king. Don’t worry so much about posting regularly, instead focus on posting quality content that your target audience would find relevant and interesting. One sure-shot way to increase viewership and keep your user engaged is to add a blog to your website.
  • Plan a keyword strategy

Long tail variations drive more traffic as opposed to focus keywords. This is because the former has a higher chance of conversion and lesser competition to fight against. Such an approach is of greater relevance in case of a recently launched website/ blog. Nevertheless, make sure to use one focus keyword for every web page on your site, and don’t worry if this means creating lesser content than you anticipated. All in all, you must identify a keyword strategy that is best suited for your situation.

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