The best friends of people in the huge retail stores: Shelf Talkers

We all have experienced the searching process which we have to do when we enter huge malls, we spend most of the time in searching for the items we need instead of buying them, which makes us tiresome. In order to avoid it, Shelf talkers have been designed which are the small signs which are attached on the top of a shelf which is placed in a retail store. They help the customers who are wandering here and there to get the right product sooner, thereby help in minimizing wastage of customer’s valuable time and hence are called as best friends of people  New shelf talker    . On these shelf talkers the product name and its details may be price or discount allotted can be written. They are designed in an attractive way so that customers can see it even from far distance. 
Dana Industries are the only one who is known for their quality of products and materials.  They use vulcanized ink, which allows for colors to pop and stand out at the shelf. They make use of standard materials for making the shelf talkers which can be customized by the users.   There are many types of shelf talkers which are made by Dana Industry. They are mainly divided into shelf talker with flag and shelf talkers without flag. They are famous for their single window shelf talkers which are made from Freezer Grade material, clear PVC, DIF-40 materials. These shelf talkers are designed in such a manner that they can resist to heat bending. They also have a lock mechanism on them by which the printed paper can be held with maximum grip so that it won’t fall off very often.  You can include anything on the data strip including its price, features like quantity, quality, manufacturing date, best before, etc. 
These shelf talkers are called as shelf screamers as they try to scream (not literally), about the products contained in the shelf and make the customers aware about what they are looking for is present here.  Dana Industries are the leaders in Shelf Talker production and supply. They have been working in this field since many years and with hard work and dedication they have reached the top most position in entire industry.   They have become an effective way by which we can attract and communicate with the customers who visit the stores.

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