Spring Break - It's Only Six Months Away, Where Should You Go?

Spring break - well, the theory is you’ve worked hard in school and need a break…but even if that is only half true, enjoy your time and be safe.  It's very important to remember to be sure to make your travel arrangements months in advance. Remember that traveling during Spring Break is a very busy time of year because most schools take their vacations around the same time.

The longer you wait to book your vacation the possibility of getting your desired hotel and flight times will be limited. Getting a passport takes time as well, so if you are planning to travel to another country be sure to do this well in advance. Flying Sunday through Wednesday are the less crowded days to travel. Making your reservations so that you can travel during these times will allow a less chaotic experience getting to and from your destination.

Travel Plans

The best way to come across great locations to visit are from family and friends. They can tell you which restaurants they would recommend and what there is to do. They will also be able to tell you what to watch out for while you are there.

Once you have decided where to go for your trip you should do some research on your own. You will want to familiarize yourself with all that is available to do. If you would like to take day trips while you are there you might need to rent a car.

If you will be traveling to another country you need to take caution and find out if it’s alright to drink the water and what foods you should avoid. Do your research to help your vacation run as smooth as possible.

If you know that you will be calling home while you’re away you should contact your cell phone provider. Many people have come home from trips to find out that they were charged double or triple for their long distance calls. If it is not included in your calling plan you might want to purchase phone cards before you leave to save you money.

Whenever you travel you should always spread your money around. Never carry it together. When you head out for the day bring along just what you think you will need. Separate that money into different pockets. Leave your credit cards, travelers checks and other cash in the hotel safe.

Students want to have a partying Spring Break experience that they will never forget. In order for this to happen they need to be safe. Too many times you hear of students getting hurt or coming up missing. Keep in mind the following to assure a fun and memorable experience.

Watch Where You Go

Never EVER go anywhere alone. The more people you have with you the safer you will be. Be sure that you have one person in your group at all times that is sober. This person can make sure that no one will leave an establishment with a stranger. When drinking and your judgement becomes impaired you are apt to do things you normally wouldn’t do. Take turns being the designated “friend watcher” and be prepared to take some flack.

Never leave your drink unattended. Predators hang out in areas where they know that alcohol is involved and impairment will help them get their victim. Predators don’t have a tattoo on their forehead to let you know they are out to get you. They come in all shapes and sizes so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Condom, Condom, Condom!

In case you didn’t catch that - Condom! One time without a condom can ruin your life. Sexually transmitted diseases are an easy thing to get that no one wants. Don’t remember your Spring Break as a time you caught a disease.. remember it as the time you partied hardy with your friends!

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