Zen Cart Review: What about SEO?

zen cart review

SEO is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce marketing. Because purchase online starts from search in 93% of cases. And if you can optimize your website so that users would be able to find you easily, you are the king of marketing.

But that is challenging, and not all e-commerce platforms are created for SEO optimization. They may have some basic SEO tools or have some SEO implemented in the core. But when the time comes to make real changes, most platforms turn out to be useless. That`s what I want to discuss in this Zen Cart review. If you want to learn more about Zen Cart as about software, go here.

So imagine that you have an online store and you sell antique furniture. One of your pieces of furniture is called Victoria`s commode. You place this piece of furniture on the website and wait for customers to look it through. Yet your software is far from perfect, that`s why the name of the product is applied automatically to the page. Your sitemap is also updated automatically so even the name of the URL can change.

But you potential users don`t try to google “Victoria`s commode”, they try to find something like “antique furniture for my bedroom”. It means that the chances of finding your website are very low since your page is not optimized according to these keywords.

That`s  what a cheap e-commerce platform can do to your website that`s why you should avoid unreliable e-commerce solutions. That`s why you should stay away from cheap solutions and read reviews of Ecommerce Spot platform before choosing one. And you should definitely read this Zen Cart review.


Zen Cart Review from SEO Perspective

Ignoring SEO when choosing an e-commerce platform is like ignoring the engine when choosing a car. You won't get anywhere without good marketing.  And it`s marketing that boosts your website and drives traffic.

But if you are wondering if Zen Cart integration is good in terms of SEO, you are at the right place. In the Zen Cart review I will explain strong and weak points of marketing in Zen Cart.

Here are the Factors that I Find the Most Important for Good SEO:
  • Navigation Links
These are the links that appear in the navigation menu of your online store. These links that are created for your products or products categories. Some e-commerce website will make these links automatically and appropriate the names of the products and products categories. It is desirable to have control of these navigation links.

You can sell the category of your products as “ Stemless Wine Glass by Royal Set, 4-Pack, 15 Ounce Wine Tumbler Set” but you wouldn't want it to appear in the same way in your menu.

So when choosing an e-commerce platform avoid those that don`t give you control over your navigation links.
zen cart

  • Page URLs
Page URLs are not just important, they have incredible gravity for your Google ranking. This is basically your address on the Internet, And it is crucial for this address to look good and appealing.

If you want your SEO work for you, you'll need to optimize URLs by  inserting relevant keywords into them. If your URLs are irrelevant, too clumsy or too long, Google will certainly punish you for that. In some cases, your URLs would need to have completely different words in them. So if you control URLs, you control your SEO. Make sure that your e-commerce solution will allow you to change URLs in any way you need.

Make sure your URLs coincide with user's`requests online. You'll be surprised  but even Magento limits you in this possibility. However, many moderns platforms that are easily customizable and user-friendly, won't have any problems with this.
  • Independent Meta Descriptions
That`s another domain of your website that requires your attention: meta descriptions. You also need to have control over them and be able to change them the way you want. This is the short text that appears near the link to your website in Google. Meta text won`t improve your Google ranking but it will influence the way your potential users react on your website.

If you have a great meta text, and that is what you need to have, your potential users would be honored to click and check what else you can offer. That`s why meta description has to informative, laconic and magnetic at the same time.

Good meta description indicates that the person may find what he was looking for on your website. More than that, if he understands that you have something special to offer, something that makes you different from the army of competitors, he will click on the link.

Unfortunately, in this Zen Cart review, I must admit that this platform does not have this option. Some platform offer this feature for additional price. While good and effective platform make sure that this feature is wired in the core.
  • H1 Is So Important
You can't` neglect the importance of H1 for the webiste optimization. You will have SEO advantage if you optimize your H1 according all the rules of optimization.  For instance, if you sell the product such as a cocktail dress for a teen, it is advisable that your H1 would have the same name.  You shouldn`t forget to customize your H1 relevant to the name of your products.
  • Canonical URLs
It`s crucial to make sure that canonical URLs (web addresses that appear in Google search) coincide. The same products can be listed under different categories and Google will define these URLs as separate URLs with the same content.

If you are familiar with the rules of Google ranking, you should know that Google aims to avoid duplicate content. Thus, if two pages are regarded as identical, Google will lower the ranking. Make sure your e-commerce platform helps you in managing canonical URLs instead of throwing sand in the machine.Shopping Cart Elite software has this valuable option.

While Zen Cart will make it a bit complicated. That`s the fact I must admit in this Zen Cart review. At the same time, Shopping Cart Elite, the platform I can definitely recommend to all those who want boost their business with the help of SEO, has all these options.
  • Links. Google  values high-quality content. It means that if Google sees that people share some content, comment on it and make all the possible to demonstrate this content to other users. That`s why inbound links are so important. The more websites point to your online shop the better.
  • Great content is actually the first rule of SEO boost. Content is the king, this saying belongs to Bill Gates, and it's impossible to deny it. Websites with high-quality content that is interesting, relevant and appealing to users. If you have all this and if your users like it, then you can definitely expect high rankings.

All in all, choosing the right e-commerce platform is a real challenge. You have to take many factors into the account. You'll need to consider many options. But  don't neglect marketing in any case because it will lead you to nowhere. Marketing is the engine that can deliver you to the space of e-commerce and grant you  with infinite traffic.

SEO is an important part of marketing, and choosing the platform with effective SEO is investing into your future.

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