Explore the Wild Indian Terrains with the Best National Parks in India
India is a land blessed with rich diversity and natural landscapes. The woodlands and dense forest areas occupy almost 5% of the Indian lands. There are about 520 wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the sub-continent, which are home to varied species of wild animals and exotic birds. Most of the foreign tourists visit India to experience the uninhibited activities of wild animals in their natural habitat. 

Let us explore the most popular 5 wilderness destinations in the country:

• Corbett National Park – This sanctuary lies towards the Northern side of India, in Uttarakhand State. Established in the year 1936, it provides a safe haven to the Royal Bengal Tiger. You can find at least 480 different kinds of plants and many wild animals such as chital, sambar, boar, elephants, tigers, and flying fox among others. The famous tourist wildlife park is open from the month of November till the month of June.

• Ranthambore National Park – This picturesque wildlife destination can be located in the state of Rajasthan. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest sanctuaries for wild species. It is spread over an impressive area of around 400 sq. km. it is home to wild species like leopards, tigers, chital, sambar, deer, hyena, boar and ferocious river crocodiles. The park is open to tourists from the months of November to March.

• Kaziranga National Park – The wildlife park area lies towards North-East India, in the state of Assam. Due to its lush greenery, dense forest areas and teeming wildlife; it also enjoys the status of World Heritage Site. The 430 sq. km. of wilderness is home to the exclusive one-horned rhino, wild buffaloes, tigers, swamp deer and wild elephants. Tourists can also spot several interesting migratory bird species like Pochard ducks, goose, Black necked stork, etc.

• Bandipur National Park – Located in the state of Karnataka, Bandipur lies nestled among the lovely mountains of Western Ghats, Bandipur National Park is one of the best-managed sanctuaries in India. The park covers a huge area of around 875 sq. km. Bandipur forest holds a large number of tiger population. Other wild animals in the park include gaur bulls, chital, antelopes, wild dogs and boar, jackals, panthers, bears, wild squirrels and prickly porcupines.

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