Brew Up London’s Best – A Walk Down The Foodies’ Lane
The fact that a fine meal and drink is complementary is far from being unknown to any food lover. After all, there is more to a complete and hearty meal than just the food. It is the whole experience that consists of the ambience, location and décor as well. You obviously do not want some rainbow topped disaster in the name a cocktail. What do you do then? It is not sensible to go to a separate cocktail bar to sip on some pre-dinner drink. So, it is always better to have a handy ensemble of the Greater London restaurants that do not just serve amazing meals but also accompany them with fresh and beautifully crafted cocktails. Go ahead and enjoy the best of both worlds!

Here are a few of London's favourites:

The Aqua Shard, London Bridge
With a glorious 360-degree view and innovation in the form of cocktails, The Shard can never seem to disappoint its guests. The cocktail bar of this fine restaurant is set at the centre. The area is picturesque enough to witness your favourite concoctions being prepared in a style as if you are in the middle of some theatrical show. All you need is to side your cocktail with some polished British delicacy and have a gala time while enjoying the view.

Rooftop Radio Bar, ME London Strand

Sipping cocktail cannot become any more refreshing than doing it at the rooftop bar of ME Hotel. It is called the Radio Bar. The panoramic view of the London city is to die for and goes incredibly well with the ambience while you enjoy your cocktail. They offer an array of playful cocktails to the customers and at a surprisingly reasonable price compared to the entire package of brilliance that they offer. Their modern twist on the Spanish delicacies perfectly complements the original concoctions which promise to inject thrill as much in taste and appearance as in their names. Kiss from a Rose, On top of ME, Thames River Iced Tea and The Pink One are some of Radio's best.

Hawksmoor Air Street

This fine dining restaurant is one of London's best and is sure to suit everyone when it is about cocktails. The suggested best in Hawksmoor is a concoction made with homemade ginger ale, gin and lemon juice and is topped with a dash of London pride. It is called the Shacky Pete's Ginger Brew. This one goes best with the short rib nuggets served at the table. Just name it, antifogmatics, bridging drinks, disco drinks, pre and postprandial, they have it all!

Hoppers: UK’s best Indian

If you are bored with the mild-flavoured English cocktails, drop by the Hoppers. Do not be baffled by the shoebox size of the restaurant, and know that this one always has long queues waiting outside. Hoppers is one of the no-reservation best in all of Soho. Their best-served cocktail is a fusion of Jasmine, Genever, lemon, buttermilk, vanilla sugar called Burgher Sour which is topped with toasted marshmallow. Their cocktail menu is spread with strong and subtle flavoured Asian ingredients that go brilliantly with their Sri Lankan-style savoury crepes.

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