Are UFO for real?
Many UFO witnesses say that after sightings of strange people attended. They were dressed in all black, submitted to the FBI, the CIA, or the Ministry of Defense. They asked the witnesses about what they saw, when, and where, and then told them that they had not been told that they had seen a UFO or alien invasion, sometimes even threatened with death. They usually come for two or three people. Still, do not know exactly who they are. Some think that this government agent of special services, others - bio-robots sent aliens to monitor so as not to appear UFO reports. "Men in Black" are responsible for silencing witnesses to UFOs and ensuring that UFO events kept hidden from the public.

To get here before eyewitnesses of UFOs "men in black" pose as vendors, service repairmen or government agents. They call witnesses on the phone and cause unexpected visits. Agents always wear a dark suit, sunglasses; they usually move on old black Buick or Lincoln.

This case Ellie hardly ever forget. Seeing strange in the sky of Area 51, like a flat hat object Ellie was frightened in earnest, and, of course, tell an adult about it. Some time passed, and the house where the girl lived with her parents, came two men in black hats, dressed in black suits. They said they wanted to talk to her about what she is, she claims, had seen. One of the men, one-armed, called himself Commander, stated that lost an arm in the war. The other said little: sitting down, he put his knees on a small square box, explaining that it is a tape recorder.

However, for more than four hours, while the discussion lasted, he did not put the new film did not include anything and did not turn off. The girl's parents were in the same room, but the conversation did not participate. First Ally questioned about what she saw. Then the commander said that it was, of course, not a flying saucer and a cloud or weather balloon. However, the girl stood her ground. Then the commander said, it all must have been invented. The girl burst into tears of resentment. Commander admitted that maybe it is something and see, but it is better to keep quiet about it, not that it will be bad. The girl's father was a businessman, therefore, an active person. And then he felt constrained, in a daze. The same way, then he told his wife. Once again warned Ellie, that she was silent, strangers are gone. Behind the house was waiting for them a big black car, which sat behind another stranger in a dark suit and hat.

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