Need Tips On Travelling Like A Jet-Setter? Check These Pointers Out!

When travelling to the wonderful city of angels, LAS VEGAS, travel like a luxe jetsetter, even if you are travelling economy. Well, you live only one life and we want you to live it to your best. Even if the pockets don’t allow you for travel on a business luxe seat, no worries- here are a couple of ways to travel like a jet-setter that will make the co-passengers think you are a celebrity. And we want that happening for you! Check out these pointers!
Find a duffel bag
Now why do we ask you to do that? This is because, jet setters never stand in long check-in lines at the airport, they just find their ways through and with a VVIP touch that too. What you could do is to use this hack of using a duffel bag for a short trip and travel light, which means you wouldn’t have to wait for check-in for a very long time as others would.

Jetlag no more
This can happen when you are very mindful of what you eat and drink while on flight. Ever noticed how most celebrities look astonishingly good after long haul flights? This is because they limit their consumption of on-flight food and drinks; even when free and available, stick to just one or max two servings of food and drink, which helps keep the body light and you nice and suave too.

No ice please
When ordering your drinks on-flight, ask for them without the ice. In most reports it has been shown that there are horrible pathogenic bacteria found in the ice cubes served on board. Stay away from that and enjoy your drink fresh and chilled without ice, like most jetsetters do.

Carry your own wipes
If possible, carry your own disinfectant wipes and clean the tray and the table or ask the stewardess to do that for you, in front of you. Most jetsetters swear by this habit and it works for hygiene reasons.

Your own blanket please
If you want a little more warmth on flight, carrying your own blanket would be the best. A light mushy one would do, since it is yours. You wouldn’t have to worry about someone else’s germs coming over you, using the flight’s blanket.

Clothing wise
Travel like a star; keep your clothing- casual or semi-casual to the chicest levels, and don’t go overboard or OTC with the same. Dress sharp and arrive like a star to board your flight. Remember, you are being noticed and sharp dressing gets the best customer services too.

Carry a toy or a book for the kids
Travelling with kids can be harrowing, but jetsetters know the one trick that makes the kid sit put and quiet- their favorite toy or book. Carry one for the little one, and enjoy a peaceful and comfortable stay at some of the cheapest hotels in Las Vegas after your flight. And if possible, opt for the aisle seat, so you don’t suffer from vein thrombosis.
We hope these pointers to travel like a jet setter with confidence comes in handy? Let us know your thoughts!

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