Different types of liposuction

Different types of liposuction

Liposuction in Hagerstown requires the use of different methods and there are different variations which were introduced over time.

Fluid liposuction

Fluid injection is a method where a medicated solution gets injected in the fatty tissue before fat cells are removed. The fluid used is a mixture of lidocaine, intravenous salt solution with epinephrine. It helps to remove the fat easily with less blood loss. It also provides an anesthesia for the surgery. This fluid injection helps in reducing bruises due to the procedure. The doctor will decide how much fluid should be used during the procedure.

Tumescent liposuction   

When the tumescent technique will be used, then the doctor will use adequate amount of liquid and up to three times of the fat will be removed. A tumescent liposuction is performed on a patient who wants local anesthetic and it may take longer compared to the traditional liposuction. Since the fluid has enough anesthetic, the additional anesthesia is not needed. This technique was named after the tumescent state which is firm and swollen state of fatty tissue when the solution has been filled in these tissues.

Super wet technique

Super Wet technique is the same as tumescent technique but it requires less fluid.  The amount of the fluid that will be used is the same as the fat that has to be removed. The technique will require the use of general anesthesia and IV sedation. It takes one or two hours.

Ultrasound Assisted lipoplasty

Ultrasound-Assisted lipoplasty (UAL) is a technique which uses a special cannula which produces an ultrasonic energy. When it passes in the area where there is fat, energy explodes the walls of the fat cells and it liquefies the fat. Fat is then removed using the traditional liposuction method. UAL has been known to improve effectiveness and ease of liposuction in the fibrous areas of the body like enlarged male breasts and upper back breast. It can also be used as a secondary procedure where precision is required. UAL takes longer compared to a traditional liposuction for completion.
Each of these methods is known to be safe whenever the patient chooses a qualified and experienced technician and a facility which has all the required equipment. The doctor has to be trained in basic surgical training besides a specialty in body contouring.

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