Do you know this generation’s life threatening disease?

So a website called took a survey to know about the life threatening disease that this generation faces. And the results of this survey are sure to shock you as it shocked me. So here are the results of the survey.

Do you have blood pressure?

It’s good to know that 83.8% of people who participated in the survey do not suffer from blood pressure. Just 16.2% of people have blood pressure. Less tension, More work boss! Don’t get tensed easily. Try to maintain your cool!

Constipation, is that something that you come across often?

63.7 % of people have said “NO” to this question. And the rest of 36.3 % have said “yes”.

Are you suffering from mental stress?

 57.2% of people have said that they do go through mental stress and 42.8% have said “no”. All is well guys! Keep calm and do yoga!

Is Dandruff and hair fall are your problems?

A big number of 69% have said that they do have these problems and 31% have said no they don’t.

Are you diabetic?

Now a days diabetics is becoming more and more common but this survey result has said otherwise. Over 92% have said that they are diabetic free. And just 7.8% have said that they suffer from diabetics. This is really good to know!

Is obesity your problem?

Over 72% have said a very big “NO.” that’s really great guys! While the worldwide statistics of people suffering from obesity are going high, it is good to know that our people are keeping themselves fit.

Do you have any cardiac problems?

A majority of 93.3% have said that they are free of any kind of cardiac disease. And just 6.7% have said yes to that question. Take it easy guys! Win over your heart first to win over your loved one’s heart.

Kidney stones or any other kidney problems?

And again a majority of 91.8% has said a very big no for that question. And 8.2% of people are having kidney problems. Drink lots and lots of water to prevent kidney stone, people. Just water is enough to keep your kidney fit and free of stones.

Are you insomniac?

Over 63.8% of people have said no to this question. It is sad to know 36.2% are insomniac. Having a good deep sleep will make your day better. So try to have good nap at work! No I’m kidding!

Do you face any problems like infertility, sexual problems or loss if interests in sex?

84.7% of people have said that they do not suffer from such problems. And 15.3% have said yes they do have such problems.

This survey proves that our people are fit and almost free from diseases. We don’t need any medicines to keep us fit if we follow our ancestor’s footsteps! Keep away from junk foods and take in your granny’s cooking. Have a healthy day!

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