How to improve your healing process after tummy tuck

How to improve your healing process after tummy tuck  

Your recovery from abdominoplasty in Naples will be influenced by two different things: the need to see the body getting in shape and the need for wanting to rest so that the body can heal well.

Earlier the patients were told to lie still after the surgery but this led to some problems like issues in the lung and blood clots in their legs. Now, patients are told to start moving as soon as possible but this also comes with its own problems like fluid collection, infections, and wound separation. The right thing to do is doing everything in moderation.  

During the first week post tummy surgery, it is better to stay still.; the body will need to recover and rest.

Bed rest

After your tummy tuck procedure, you have to be in your bed but with the head elevated using several pillows and the knees should be slightly bent. This is good because if the torso is elevated, it will decrease the possibility of suffering from lung problems. The position will also relax the skin at the belly which gets stretched with the closure.  When the skin has relaxed, there will be no tension on the wound which leads to fewer problems with the wound and better supply of blood to ensure healing.  

Keep still the first five days

During the first five days, you should not try to walk around. You must walk only when you have a reason to do so like going to the refrigerator or the bathroom. If you move around too much, it may cause the skin layers to slide against the muscle so they may not knit one over the other. This may lead to blood or fluid collection. The drains can help to prevent this but when you move about too often, fluid will accumulate even if you use drains. During this period, you can take a normal diet that the body can tolerate but you must take adequate fluids within the first 72 hours of the surgery. These fluids should not be sodas, but water, Gatorade or juices.

Compression garment

You should wear the compression garment if you want to diminish swelling and to prevent fluid accumulation. You should not remove the garment in the first five days of the tummy tuck.

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