What can you expect during your breast augmentation?

What can you expect during your breast augmentation?

The surgeon uses fat transfer or implants for augmenting your breasts during the procedure. In procedures where fat is used, it is termed as fat transfer breast augmentation and it helps increase your breast’s size to bring back the volume you lost due to weight loss or pregnancy. This is clinically termed as augmentation mammoplasty.

A breast augmentation will help you:
  • Increase the fullness and projection of your breasts
  • Improve the harmony of your body
  • Restore your self-image and confidence

Breast implants can also be used as breast reconstruction option after a mastectomy or an injury.

When you decide to undergo a breast augmentation, you must know that the costs vary for different women and the surgeon you choose. The fees also include the cost of anesthesia, surgery charges and costs related to the operating room. What you pay for your breast augmentation will also include the costs of the implants and the experience of the surgeon. You can talk to your surgeon to find out about payment plans.

However, your satisfaction cannot only be about the cost of the procedure; you must choose a board-certified and experienced surgeon with whom you feel comfortable.

There are several steps involved in a breast augmentation surgery.


This is the medication which ensures your procedure is comfortable. Your surgeon will choose the best option for you from an intravenous sedation and general anesthesia.


Your surgeon will make incisions in inconspicuous areas where the scars are barely visible. You can choose the best option with your surgeon to get the best results. The incision depends on the degree of enlargement you require and is determined after taking into account your anatomy and your surgeon’s preference.

Implant placement

Once the incision has been made, the implant is then inserted into the breast pockets. This placement of the implants can be subglandular, submuscular or submammary. This depends on the type of implants chosen.

Closure of the incisions

Your incisions will be closed using layered sutures within the tissue. Skin adhesive, sutures and surgical tape will be used to close the skin. You will be able to see your results right away and it takes a while for you to heal and the implants to fall into their intended place.

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