6 Kinds Of Foods Should Be Avoided While You Make A Ketogenic Diet

Food is an important part of every diet plan. While you are going to follow Keto diet or Ketosis, you should be careful about food. Many individuals do not get satisfactory results from Ketosis because they are choosing wrong foods.
Usually, people follow the Ketogenic diet for reducing weight, but sometimes we see some diabetic patient and the individuals who suffer from high blood pressure also maintain this diet plan. It is proven that keto diet leads to control the blood pressure and insulin production in human body.

The persons who follow ketogenic diet meal plan are energized and physically healthy. Keto Diet mainly includes low carb foods so you should avoid those foods, which contain high carbohydrates.  But it is really challenging to eat healthy low carb food, especially when you are a beginner to follow this diet.  Here we have mentioned some foods, which should be added in ketosis.

Avoid Packaged Food
The persons who are health conscious do not allow packaged food in their diet. It may lead many diseases. The individuals who are suggested keto diet should avoid diet soda, packaged frozen microwavable food, any other sweetened drinks, etc. You do not take candies, jello even those are sugar-free.
What should you eat?
You should take real fresh food like vegetables, fruits, etc. You need to eat chicken, salmon, butter and heavy cream while you are on a ketogenic diet.
Avoid Low-Fat food
Low-fat food should not be included in keto diet. So do not buy low-fat cheese or any other foods which are leveled low fat or fat-free. If you are on a keto diet with yogurt, then you should pick full-fat yogurt from the market.
What should you eat?
You need to replace electrolyte with bone broth or chicken broth but do not consume any sugary drink or soft drink. The most important ingredient of this diet is Salt. You should take 2 Tsp salt per day.
Avoid Bad Fat Food
Corn oil, vegetable oil, soybean oil, canola oil and hydrogenated oil include bad fat. So you need to avoid these on a keto diet.
What should you eat?
You need to eat those foods which contain healthy fat. Fat produces energy in the human body and causes to improve brain function.  Avocados, avocado oil, coconut oil, butter, extra virgin oil, heavy cream, animal fat, etc. contain healthy fat. Therefore, you need to keep these foods on your ketogenic diet meal plan.
Avoid Fast Food
Ketogenic diet does not allow you to consume fast food. Sometimes it is tough to avoid this food, especially on occasions. But if you are desperate to ketogenic diet meal plan,  you need to avoid this food. Fresh food like real cheese, fresh chicken, and vegetable are not used in this food, and it contains chemical or preservative which is not good for your health. So you want to stay healthy, avoid fast food anyhow.
What should you eat?
You need to consume fresh food which is cooked in the home.
Avoid Milk
Most of the dieticians do not suggest milk when you are on Keto diet. Milk is not easy to digest, and it is not considered as a low carb (4/5 gram carb/100 Ml Milk) food. It lacks good bacteria after pasteurization and contains hormones whose are not good for health.
What should you drink?
You may consume a small amount of raw milk or drink full-fat milk.
Avoid Tropical Fruits
You need to avoid tropical fruits like mango, banana, pineapple, etc. Some High-carb fruits like grapes, tangerine, etc. are not allowed on this diet. You should not consume any fruit juice whether it is 100% fresh or not. Fruit juice is a sugary drink, which does not contain fiber so ketosis should not allow it to drink.
What should you eat/drink?
Fresh fruits are recommended foods to consume. Sometimes you may drink smoothies which include fiber, fresh fruits, dried fruits, etc.
Here we have mentioned 6 types of foods which should not be added in ketogenic diet meal plan. We have also suggested some foods, which must be, consume when you are on a keto diet. You should not skip any food, which is suggested for you so check the nutrition list before having any food. That is the best way to maintain a proper diet plan.

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