How to manage gestational diabetes

How to manage gestational diabetes  

When you find out that you are suffering from gestational diabetes, you will need to visit your health care provider at least once every two weeks. If you are taking another medication or insulin, you will need to see the health care provider every week.

When you reach the third trimester, the doctor may suggest that you undergo an ultrasound to check if the baby is growing well. When you take medication for controlling your diabetes, you will have to undergo fetal non-stress test every week. It is a safe test that measures the heartbeat and movements of the baby.  

You are advised to go for the prenatal appointment even if you may be feeling well. The provider can monitor you or the baby on a regular basis and he can adjust the treatment plan according to the results of the test you get.

What to do when you get gestational diabetes

The important key for managing the condition is to keep track of the blood sugar level. It helps to control the condition and to be sure when the treatment plan is working for you. The healthcare provider can show you how you can test your blood sugar by using a special device. It requires pricking the finger using a surgical blade known as a lancet. Even if it can be unpleasant, it is not that painful.

The doctor will let you know how many times you can test your blood sugar. It is normally in the morning before you drink or eat anything and two hours after every meal.

When you face trouble controlling your blood sugar, you will need to test often. When the blood sugar is always normal, then you will be asked to test yourself less often.

What to change to control your blood sugar

Eat well: a healthy diet is important when you want to deal with gestational diabetes.  You should eat at least three meals every day of a medium size. Go for vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.

Exercise:  it is good to exercise in moderation if you want to balance your blood sugar. You should exercise for 30 minutes 5 times every week. You can try out pregnancy yoga class, swimming and brisk walking.  

However, the doctor will be there to advise you on what you have to do and it is wise to follow his advice.

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