Uses of High Quality (-)-Epicatechin

Epicatechin powder is a bioactive compound classed as a flavonol, a plant-based phytochemical which is found in certain plants, such as grapes, tea, and cocoa. Research has indicated that consuming products containing high levels of epicatechin may provide many health benefits. Some scientists believe epicatechin can help improve memory as well.

Using High Quality (-)-Epicatechin :

Epicatechin dosage

Both research and empirical usage suggest that epicatechin should be dosed at 1-2mg/kg of body weight. Feedback from users suggests that dosing at the higher end, around 150-200mg or more per day, is optimal for those who want to experience its athletic and muscle building benefits. You’d have to consume a lot of chocolate to get those amounts from the diet so supplementation is recommended.

When to use epicatechin?
Epicatechin is both so beneficial and so harmless that it can be used for any length of time and there is no need to restrict usage to a short cycle. We suggest trying it for four weeks at a minimum or taking it on an ongoing basis for best results.

Who can use epicatechin?
Due to its lack of reported side effects, virtually any healthy adult can safely use epicatechin and see significant improvements in body composition. However, women should take extra care when selecting a supplement to make sure the epicatechin isn’t combined with test boosters.

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