Different problems solved by Botox injections

Different problems solved by Botox injections

The advantages of using Botox has made it a popular cosmetic treatment. The treatment makes your face look young and revitalized. The following are different areas treated by Botox.


There are dynamic wrinkles that are caused by muscle movements and facial expressions and they are mostly prevalent in the area around the eyes. The good news is that such wrinkles respond to Botox Treatment. Botox can weaken the muscle that it is responsible of crinkling and squinting the eye. The treatment can effectively reduce the crow’s feet and other wrinkles near the eyes. The Injection will affect the muscle nerve but not the sensation nerve so the patient does not experience any loss of feeling in these areas.


Laughing, frowning and smiling may lead to permanent wrinkling which causes brows. Getting rid of wrinkles found near the eyes can change the appearance of the person dramatically so that the person doesn’t look like he or she is always sad or angry with someone. Since Botox is effective when it comes to removing moderate or severe frown lines within the brows, patients are now getting Botox treatment instead of undergoing a brow lift. Reducing of stubborn and deep furrows found between the brows has been documented widely especially for men. The results will be remarkable after a few days and they last for over four months.

Forehead wrinkles  

Wrinkles found on the forehead makes you look haggard and older. As people grow older, the muscle that is used during facial expressions starts to create more permanent creases within the skin. When the Botox injection is used, it can relax the facial muscle and it leads to smooth skin and less wrinkles. At the forehead, where the horizontal wrinkles form, Botox is beneficial. People believe that a doctor should treat every wrinkle but the truth is that it's only one muscle which leads to the wrinkles which has to be treated. When you have received a Botox treatment, the muscle that causes the wrinkles or lines on the forehead will no longer be active for some time. This temporary relief lessens the wrinkles and on advice of your doctor, you can maintain your fabulous results with frequent touch ups. However, overuse of Botox must be avoided or you could face the risk of muscle atrophy.

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