What you should expect from a tummy tuck

What you should expect from a tummy tuck

Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty,  is recommended for you if you are a woman who wants to get a slim tummy and you have finished having children so that the abdominal muscles will not be stretched more by pregnancy.  
After losing a substantial amount of weight, you should consider getting a tummy tuck once you reach your ideal weight and your nutrition and health have become normal. You should not consider a tummy tuck as a way of correcting major weight problems. You must turn to it only if you have expectations that are realistic and that you can achieve easily.

What to expect from the procedure

The procedure can be performed under a general anesthetic and it must be performed in an accredited hospital. The doctor ensures that the incisions are made within the bikini line so that they can be inconspicuous. After the incision, the fat and skin tissue will be lifted away from the abdominal muscles, while the separated and stretched muscles are tightened so that the gap that exists between them is then repaired. The loose skin is pulled down in order to tighten the skin.

If you are concerned about a small area of the abdomen, then liposuction on its own can turn out to be the best solution. However, liposuction will not tighten the skin and muscles of the abdominal area. The doctor can decide to use vaser lipo sculpture which leads to smoother and better results with less recovery period.  

After the tummy tuck, you will find that your body has become sleeker and firmer. If you want to maintain these long lasting results, then you should follow a healthy diet and a regular exercising plan.

Some possible side effects of a tummy tuck

Before opting for the procedure, you must know the possible side effects like deep vein thrombosis, pain, anesthetic problems, allergy, scarring, bruising, hematoma formation, bleeding and infection. Tummy tuck can also cause elevation of the pubic hair, poor scarring, poor healing that may lead to unsightly scarring, bulges where the wound has been made, malposition of the umbilicus, altered pain, numbness and sensation on the abdomen. It can also cause asymmetry of the abdominal region.

You must discuss all your options for body sculpting and know the procedure, risks and recovery of the tummy tuck before you make your decision to undergo it.

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