Who should get a breast lift?

Who should get a breast lift?

There are different types of breast lift techniques and this will depend on the type of incision made. The type of technique to use depends on how much breast tissue exists, the personal goal of a woman and how much tissue has to be removed.  The cosmetic surgeon is the one to decide on the right option to use.

There are many reasons why women may decide to get a breast lift surgery

Restoring a better breast shape after breast feeding and pregnancy is a primary reason. Pregnancy may bring with it certain unwelcomed changes and they leave the breast sagging and stretched. The breast lift without or with implants may help in undoing all these changes and it restores the aesthetic appearance of your breasts.

Improving the breast contours after losing too much weight. Loss of weight also means loss of breast tissue. Getting a breast lift will help in restoring the proportions and youthful shape of the breast by removing the excessive skin.

It helps you to enjoy a perky and beautiful shape of your body. There is a small but at the same time, a growing number of patients who suffer from drooping breasts right from their teenage. Getting a breast lift helps to gain back the breast profile they wanted from their youth.

You need to get a breast lift if you are one of the following

When the nipples face downward: Since the base of the breast can stretch out and start to sag, the weight of the breast tissue will pull your nipples downward too. A breast lift can reposition the breast tissue so that the nipples will not face downwards anymore.

The areola and nipple sit under the crease of the breasts: If while looking at yourself in the mirror, you find out the nipples are under the edge of the breasts, then this means that you require a breast lift.

If you are not happy with your breast size when you wear a bra: the breast lift on its own cannot change your breast size but it helps your breasts to look better, rounder and fuller when you wear a bra. If you want breasts that look smaller or larger, then a breast lift can be done together with a breast reduction or breast augmentation.

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