Looking for exciting jobs with easy buyers and sellers rules then trust none other than Damongo.

When we think of doing micro jobs, there are many rules set which makes the job boring and uninteresting. If you need easy working rules trust no other than Damongo. Unlike many other micro jobs providing websites, both buyers and sellers here get the opportunity of full freedom to cancel an order by mutual agreement   micro job site  . Damongo micro job provider website started since July 2012 and has helped many people who are struggling with their jobs, as they can get paid for what their love to do. They are located in San Jose, CA. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley!   To get the work load you need to describe what you can do like you can post as: I will write 5 articles each of 500 words for $ 30; or I will do website designing for $ 40; etc. 
It is not that only workers earn good amount but even the company does, because these days no one works for nothing, everyone works for money and hence it is true in case of Damongo too.  On every order Damongo will take 15 % which counts for 0.75 cents for every $ 5 of the earnings. You can withdraw the money after 5 days once you have completed with the task allotted to you.   Seller may cancel an order without the buyer's approval at any given moment.  At Damongo the experts know the world is full of great talent and that is the reason why they created Damongo to bring out the talent and talented persons, and help them to earn a good amount.  Some of the jobs includes, article and blog writing, translation work, online marketing, programming and tech, video animations, graphic designing, etc.

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