Industries are the work places where many different tasks will be going on routinely. There are various types of industries, which are involved in production of simple to more complex goods, and based on the complexity the procedures varies. Many companies are involved in production of hazardous materials, including fuels, chemicals, fertilizers, acids, etc. in such places chances are more that workers would be more prone to accidents and hence it is a duty of industrial management to care about their workers, because they are serving your industry and their care is completely your responsibility. Marking the industry floors is the major step which you can take for the safety in industry   industrial floor marking guidelines   . Marking the floor isn’t just as easy as it sounds, there are rules set universally which are same for all industries and hence should be followed. Even the workers should be educated about the markings made so that they can make sure they won’t fall prey to the accidents. gives you guideline of how to mark the industry floor. They say, when installing the tape in a straight line, you won’t face many problems, as you do when you are marking the corners. Learning the tricks will help you to create tape corners like an experienced professional.
Corner Trick #1
Here you make use of two separate pieces of tape and then you can place them one above the other. While doing so you need to make sure that you press the initial piece of tape completely and more accurately, so that when to overlap another tape on it at the corner it won’t turns out. This helps you to gain 90 degrees at the corner.
Corner Trick #2
If you won’t like the idea of overlapping 2 pieces of tapes at the corners then ever you can make it possible with just a single piece of tape. To do this, carefully cut about ¾ or more the way through the tape when you cut it correctly this small slit will allow you to bend the tape and hence you can have a correct 90 degrees and then press the tape to the ground.
Corner Trick #3
Finally you can purchase floor tape that comes from the factory with a perfect corner built right in. No more tasks to do just press it down.

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