A New Kind of Tourism: The Boost of Medical Tourism in Asia

Tourism industry relies heavily on the scenic tourist destinations and exciting activities that make a person’s vacation worthwhile. It can either be focused on food, nature adventure, historical and cultural immersions, adrenaline-pumping activities, and personal and spiritual growth.

But in the past years, medical tourism is becoming popular especially in Asia, where they provide quality medical service for prices lower than what western countries offer. This kind of tourism focuses on cosmetic surgery or beauty enhancements.

With society’s pressure to look good, many people are turning into beauty enhancements to meet their standard of beauty and feel happy about themselves. It can be a polarizing topic and some people think that people who undergo enhancements are naïve and immature. But some patrons of medical tourism actually do plastic surgeries for health reasons. In war turned country, Libya, for example, people have to go overseas to undergo knee surgeries. Rich people from poor countries also visit Singapore for dental implants and oral maxillofacial problems.

Whatever reasons a person might have in going overseas to visit a doctor, one thing is for sure- Asia is fast becoming a leader in medical tourism.
So which countries should you visit in case you want a medical care?
Here are the leading Asian countries when it comes to medical tourism:


This country is famous for Trans women and men mainly because of it is a LGBTQ friendly country where homosexuality is accepted by the society. Hence, you are free from ridicule and hostility if you undergo a cosmetic surgery in Thailand. To add, they provide cheap service, which makes it more attractive to foreigners.

South Korea

Self-image is very important in South Korea and the society respects people based on how they look. They equate good looks with higher social status, hence get better opportunities in the workplace and the society. With this pressure plastic surgery is becoming popular in the country- and why won’t it be? Even popular actors and singers promote them. Gangnam district is lined with popular surgery clinics that provide service even to high school students.

Because of this popularity, The New Yorker named the country as the world’s plastic surgery capital in the world.


With their high economy, it is given that services in Singapore are of high quality so hospitals and clinics here have the complete facilities to help clients, whether they are in for bone marrow transplant, facial reconstruction or dental implants in Singapore. Law regarding medical malpractice is also strict in Singapore so it makes customers more secured.

Famous for their precision, Japanese doctors are gaining popularity in medical tourism, so much so that the government has provided a list of “international hospitals” that provides foreign friendly care. They also release medical visas to help foreigner fast-track their medical needs.

Due to their prime location in the center of South East Asia, Philippines is also becoming popular as a place for medical tourism. With their cheap but quality service, clients are coming in and out of the country all year round. Filipino expats who are now living in a foreign country also prefer hospital in the Philippines, so they fly home to get their needed attention.

Wherever you decide to seek a doctor’s help, be sure to do your research on how good the hospital is. Also, inquire with your health provider if they can accommodate your chosen international hospital.

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