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Using analytic monitoring reports is an important point when checking the number of traffic that goes to the site. If a user is using PPC, then they should understand the fact that you risk losing you money because of fake traffic. Nowadays, you need to be aware that your truck may increase but not for the right reasons.

Someone may be sabotaging your online business by using fake clicks. You may notice that you have a high number of traffic, but that will not be the case. If you have been monitoring your site traffic and see a sudden change, then it is high time you started to do some investigations.

It may not be a joyous occasion. There could be something happening. And something could be click fraud. Never heard about it? Don’t worry we are explaining everything here.

What is click fraud?

In simple terms, it happens when another person clicks on ads repeatedly without purchasing anything. Mostly, it is done by your rivals who are out to ruin your entire company. Virtual fraud can cost you much more and leave you penniless in a short time.

How does click fraud work?

Well, once your competitor or the bots click on the links, you will notice that the number of visitors has increased by a lot. It is because the ads are false and will not benefit you in any way. If you are using pay per click advertising, then you must pay for every click. Every online business owner uses this method in a bid to increase the conversion rate.

Hence, when the fraudster clicks on the links, they will not buy anything but will only leave you with a monetary loss. You will be getting a lot of traffic, yes, but it will not yield any sales as expected. The reason is that the traffic is not real. It is someone else’s handy work.

Know somewhat more?

Click fraud is happening in different ways. There are two main categories;

  •         One the known automatic and
  •         Manual is the Another kind of fraud

Manual click fraud?

This is done by any person, and it can be hard to determine since someone can pretend that it was by mistake.


It may be the cause of you losing funds in your account. Members need some regular clicks to make money. Therefore, they can do something to increase the clicks at your cost. The marketer can click or ask their friends as well as colleagues to click on the links of ads.  The marketer will get more funds; on the other hand, your account will be on the losing end.


It is well said that competition is healthy since it helps a business to put in the extra effort to become the leading company. However, some business owners who resort to dubious means to be on top. Such competitors will click on the ads with the motive that you will be out of business. This can be very stressful when you are just starting.  You will lose large sums of money when one of your rivals clicks on your ads.


Yes, it is true that your associates may be doing click fraud. But unlike your rivals, they may not have any malicious motives to it. For instance, the existing or potential customers may hit click on your advertisements as through this you can get connected to your website. They may not remember the website address.   As naive as it is, it will still cost you some reasonable amount.

Automatic click fraud software

Automatic fraud is mainly done mainly by bots. The bots will be clicking on the ads in the background.  


It performs some online tasks without any human assistance. They copy human actions and thus generate clicks. Bots can infect thousands of devices all at once. The bots are placed on your computer system, and you may not even notice it is there.

Click farms

It uses both automatic as well as manually. People are appointed merely to click on the ads. These are from the developing countries since they offer cheap labor.  They click on your advertisement links through different internet devices. The motive is to increase your overall click counts. Workers have access to over 50 tools. Therefore, the traffic could be coming from one person who is using a different type of devices to hit on advertisements.

Hit click

An affiliate may request the consumer to hit the click on the ads, and it is just to support their business. They will be getting money while the promoter will be paying for it.  However, at times the user is forced to click on ads without their knowledge.  There is a coding on the given links that direct users to that specific page before they go to the desired page. Even though it will not count as a click, the user will not see the ad.

Preventing click fraud software

click fraud

Fraud problem has become out of control and is affecting many online businesses.  However, do not stop doing business because you are scared of being a victim of fraud activity. It is something that you can fix by following the right methods. Pay per click is a great way to increase traffic, and it is also profitable. However, you just need to be cautious so that you do not land into the hands of fraudsters. You can try two ways in which you can protect your account against fraud. The first one is by using Google and the second is by using TEA software.

Using Google

Google uses two ways of fighting fraud happening through a click. They can either use the automatic or physical system. Google will attempt to identify the fraud early before it can cause harm. It does a manual analysis of the clicks using automatic filters. This method will help in catching the culprit. Additionally, Google will also do investigations at the advertiser’s request. From the study, it can identify the fraud and refund the money lost.

Using TEA software

TEA software has all the abilities to deal with any fraud activity.  Using the click fraud software will help identify any malicious activities in your account. The software can collaborate with AdWords and manage your conversion rates, real-time adjustments, bids, and even campaigns per interactions. It does this to have a picture of how your site is performing. The main advantage about it is that it comes with money back guarantee. If the software does not help improve your conversion in 30 days, then you can return it and get your money back.

Detect changes in the account: when your website has been having a high number of traffic, then it can be an indication of fraud taking place. TEA software can detect whether the changes in your truck is genuine or fake.  It will detect click fraud software from the leading search engine.

Collect fake IPs addresses:  the software will collect all the IP addresses that are causing the suspicious activity on your website. It will help when Google is doing an investigation on fraud activities. Therefore, it will increase your chances of getting a reimbursement if the fraud had already been charged to your account.

Automated protection from the fraud: the monitoring software will help in fighting the problem of click fraud software. You can have peace of mind knowing the fact site getting observed by secure software. Fraud can happen when you least expect, and you need to always be on the lookout.

TEA software has skilled developers who have designed the software to detect fraud even before it happens. It uses heat map system would know when someone is clicking on your ads just to leave you bankrupt. Therefore, it can identify bots on your operating system. Once it notices that there is a fraud, it stops it immediately and sends a click fraud software monitor report to Google, and you will get a reimbursement. You will begin to notice the conversion rates increase and that only means more money in your pocket.

Therefore, you will be in control of what is happening in your business and retain business. Do not leave anything to chance. Click fraud can occur anytime, and you need to prepare for it.  Protecting your account will ensure that you do not lose a significant amount of money and become bankrupt. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

With TEA software, you can use the software and reap the fruits of your hard work. You do not have to suffer massive losses because of the scam when there you can prevent it. You do not have anything to lose but everything to gain when you choose TEA software to help with your PPC.

When you use TEA software, you will get improvements on your website. TEA software analyses client behavior and performs forecasts accordingly. It does this by paying attention to every click.  It also adjusts the bid to suit the action of people visiting a website.

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