Super Deal Twelve ORIGINAL COPTERS , Twelve Maxi Sling Shots With Eight Inch Rubber band Twelve extr

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$ 50.00
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Super Deal $50 is  for 12 ORIGINAL COPTERS in assorted colors with our exclusive VIPER LAUNCHER 7 inch red rubber band, 12 Maxi Sling-shots with 8 inch rubber band, 12 extra Battery packs, 12 ORIGINAL COPTERS wings with different designs to have a new experience with each new copter. Each ORIGINAL COPTER is individually wrapped with instruction card and then put in a three pack. This deal also includes 12 extra rubber bands for the amazing price of fifty dollars. The maxi Slingshot Launcher is designed for the ULTIMATE flight experience. The Maxi Slingshot Launcher produces higher fligh...More

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