How to Make a Beautiful Gift Package
Preparing a personalized gift box is a fun thing to do! Some even do it as a hobby. It isn’t too costly, nor is it difficult. Put together a few selected pieces in the right combinations and - volia!

Paper/Cardboard Box

Depending on the type of box you wish to design, and the occasion, you would need to pick out the perfect box in terms of size, shape, and durability. Plain, basic cardboard boxes can be found in the stores, and since you will be looking for a gift-box type, you would go for the two pieces one, which has the base and the lid (or cover), and pick a shape and size of your preference. These boxes are mostly made with hard, durable board of different thicknesses. For making a proper gift box, you would ideally go for the thickest one available because you don’t want your box to turn out flimsy. Also, you’d want to make sure the box you purchase has a neat and firm finish, just so you can work on it freely without any hindrances (like having to re-attach a side that’s coming off) while you are half way through!

Image Source: Pexels

Decoration Options

Once you have found the right box, and the supplies you need for decoration, you can start work right away! Now, what would you use to prepare your box? The first thing you’d think about is a covering. You’d need to cover the entire box, both the base and lid, with something nice. You could opt for wrapping paper, which is a convenient choice. There’s usually an array of them to choose from. If you want plain colors, you’d find many of them in classic and pastel shades, or you could also opt for plain bright and shiny + glittery colors for some bling! You can also try mixing and matching them up, and perhaps, have a plain base with a finely printed top! When it comes to the inside of the box, you could use some plain, light, textured tissue paper to cover (the inside) entirely, or crush many of them up together to make a stuffing over which you can place your present. This kind of effect would be ideal for a purely feminine present, where you’d put accessories and perfume, and small types of clothing.

Final Touch

Whether you will use pieces of décor on the top would be completely your choice. It may also depend on the finish of the box. For instance, if you’d used prints for the top, you may not need to use other items over it. Keeping it simple may give it a classy look! Or if you really aren’t fully satisfied, you may use plain ribbon on just one side of the box. On the other hand, if it is entirely plain, you can opt for small decorations like butterflies, printed ribbon or shiny brooches that are can be bought at the stores.

Making gift boxes from scratch are quite fun! Although it may seem like a lot of work, it surely isn’t! You just need to have some frisky fingers and a couple of interesting ideas to turn the plain and prosaic into something wonderful!

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