Street Photography - What Exactly is it?
There are quite a few published under the heading of street photography, where I wonder whether the creators of the material have ever taken the trouble to find out what this phenomenon actually means.

Street photography
According to Wikipedia, street photography is the following; street photography is a genre within photography where people are photographed in public places such as streets, parks and metro stations without being aware of it. It is an art form of candid camera photography that yields natural instead of posed photographs. Street photography, however, remains a hard to define the genre, because it is at the crossroads of documentary photography, the tourist snapshot, and photojournalism that focuses on various facts.

Related to documentary and journalistic photography
Street photography is akin to documentary photography and journalistic photography, with the difference that not the content, but the art of photography is paramount. A street photographer does not work on assignment and goes on a hunt for a unique photo that is taken at the intuitively right time. The primary goal is expressive ..., giving a subjective impression of the experience of daily life in a city.

Candid recording?
As far as I am concerned, it does not always have to be a candid recording. I can imagine many situations where the photographer has indeed had or could have a guiding function to tell a particular story, and that is precisely what I think is street photography. Telling a story, often only in a nutshell, but at least a photo in which the viewer is given a handle to make a story out of it.

When, when not street photography?
I sometimes see photos passing by, for example, a row of old rusty bicycles photographed on the street, where the maker publishes this under the heading of street photography with the argument that the photo was "made on the street?" That is precisely not street photography now. First, a person appears in it, and a "story" is immediately told. So small can the difference between being or not being street photography!
If you are looking for situations to photograph on the street, it is always important to look for people who, for one reason or another, distinguish themselves from their environment. That could be someone who is walking with a big package, with a ladder or something else. At such a moment someone becomes a grateful subject.

Reactions from passers-by
I often make grateful use of shop windows or street posters in which I then photograph how people react to this type of business. Have you ever noticed that if you aim a camera at an individual subject, other people immediately start looking at what you are focusing your camera on? This effect is beneficial. You take a specific position and then wait for how passers-by respond.
All in all, I have found the following definition, which in my opinion covers the cargo to a large extent. "Street photography is the recording of spontaneous, everyday events in public space.

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