Essential Equestrian Equipment That Every Novice Needs
There is just so much of equipment that you need to buy for riding just like in the case of any other sport. There is equipment you need to buy for your comfort and safety and also to ensure that the animal is not feeling pain and discomfort while allowing you to ride them either. It can be a little confusing to decide on what you need to buy so here is a little guide to some of the main items that you will need to purchase as a novice.

Riding Boots

There are many different types of riding boots that once again come in many different price ranges and types. Some of these chaps and chinks start right at the waist level and go all the way down while others are simply knee length or shorter. Why do you need these? Well, they essentially give you better grip on the horse while you are mounting and riding. They will also keep your feet slipping because of the sweat getting inside, be it your own or the horse’s. However, you do need to get the right fit for you as something that is too tight or loose or just not very agreeable can be extremely uncomfortable.

Protective Helmets

There needs to be a certified and recognized helmet on the head of every single rider out there when they are mounting. They are not expensive at all and can be bought in a range of prices that will suit every budget, therefore, thecost is certainly not an excuse to not get one of these. They also are very lightweightand will not cause you any discomfort. The thing about being an equestrian is that you are dealing with an animal and just like dealing with another human, they too, can react to situations suddenly and without warning. You will simply not know when an accident can happen. Your skill and how long you have been riding for should not determine whether or not you need a helmet – it is mandatory.

Riding Shirts

Riding is a year-round sport which means that without the right clothing you will be broiling in the hot sun during the months of summer and catching frostbite during a winter riding session. Many of the shirts that are available today come in breathable materials that can wick sweat away and give you just as much insulation or ventilation as you need. They are also made from materials that will help your performance and not hinder it. There is a whole range of clothing items outside of shirts like jackets, trousers, and hoodies that you can buy depending on your preference. Because they also come in a large variety of prices, you are sure to find something that is in your budget range easily.

Underwear For Riding

Just like how you have sports bras for other sports, there are specific undergarments needed for an equestrian too. Getting yourself the right undergarments means that you will not be uncomfortable and they will also not be showing where they should not. Go to a good store and make your pick.

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