Hacks for a Grueling Investment Banking Career
A career in investment banking is arduous, to say the least. You are stretched in every direction with pressing demands from boss or managers, complaints from friends, family, and relatives, and no time to complete personal tasks. You are racing against time to complete even little chores. The work-life balance goes for a toss. You will feel how you are always short-changing one thing for the other.

A few imperatives to stay sane in the grueling investment banking career is to have some foolproof hacks which are lined up here:

Solid Support: Outsource as many tasks as you can. Have professional services or housekeeping staff for laundry, cooking, and cleaning. You are into investment banking career and can’t expect to do everything on your own. Have a strong family support to fall on when you have troubles. Always have a driver to drop you at office or back or use commuting apps to avoid losing important time. Better still, to avoid wasting time in traveling, it’s great to live near the workplace or to get a job near your area of residence to stay way form energy-sucking traffic.   

Exercise: You are going to sit for very long hours playing different investment banking roles. Working all day on computers with little movement throughout the day can take a toll on your health. It can give rise to various musculoskeletal disorders like tarsal tunnel or carpal tunnel syndrome and other cardiovascular diseases in the long run. Starting with exercises at a young age can save you a lot of visits to the doctors along with a great sum of money. Brisk walks, Zumba, Pilates or Yoga- any exercise that maintains your equilibrium and schedule will be enough.   

Expectation Management: There will be expectations rising from every corner and you will be burdened by the amount of it. Be prepared to face a lot of demands in the coming years when you are serving in different investment banking roles while going from the lower rung of the ladder to the top. You have to adhere to a lot of deadlines, last minute changes and calls, listening to a lot of stuff from managers. At the same time, you have to keep expecting and accepting changes in your life. You have to develop a cool disposition to brickbats coming your way.   
Friendship with Industry People: Have good friends from the industry. They might be from other geographical regions or may be in different investment banking roles but are essential to have a good time to spend with. It’s easy to relate to people from the same industry as they understand your challenges as well as the limitations. You don’t have much time to spend with other people anyway. In addition to this, you gain a lot of perspectives and first-hand experiences about the latest happenings in the world of your industry.  

If you stick by these hacks, you will make a great career out of investment banking. All the best!

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