5 Best adventures to do once in your lifetime
Asia is the largest Continent on this planet and full of diversity in its territorial divisions. From the highest peak in the world to the deep jungle, the diversity is visible blatantly. The luxuries and ultramodern urbanization may be the new attraction of most of the Asian countries but traditional culture and historical pride is the identity of the Continent.

So, if you are a lover of adventure and beauty to the parallel way, you are recommended to out for exploring the vast territory. It is not possible to cover all the amazing places located in Asia in one go, that is why the following list is for your convenience to select some.

Activities in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh located between mighty Karakoram Range and Himalayan mountains that offer the ultimate amazement and adventure. You will find two different ways that you may choose to ride the majestic Ladakh by motorbike. One of these two is from Srinagar and the second one is from Manali, both have their special attraction and scenic beauty.

Riding to Leh Ladakh tour will take you to some beautiful and attractive sights of this region. You'll get an opportunity to travel through one of the famous passes in India. Khardungla is reported to be the world's highest motorable way at an altitude of 18,380 ft. which goes to Nubra Valley, the desert of Ladakh. Traveling through the solid valleys and the barren geographical region will earn one of your valuable experiences.

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Hot balloon ride at sunrise in Bagan

Very few sunsets in the earth could challenge the light that shines on the group of temples on the plains of Bagan. The attraction of Bagan’s temples does not reflect from their specific beauty, but instead in the high density and the countless similar architecture dotting the plains. Even more, than some 11,900 temples used to stand in Bagan - the administrative center of the historical Kingdom of Pagan. In present, 2,000 of the ancient structure still continue to be, and it's really religious plentitude that basically makes Bagan a must-visit put in place of Asia.

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Dubai Experience

The Dubai desert trip by riding camel and sandboarding may be properly referred to as fun fourfold. Camel riding and sand boarding are described in the name of the journey, but it additionally incorporates quad biking and going by four-wheel driving vehicles. A different beauty is there in the Arabian Desert what you would not afford to miss in the Dubai tours, due to its red colored sand. This calls in a lot of visitors to the region, and you probably will not leap the chance to be the fortune one. The journey also offers you an unbelievable chance to be involved with and find out about the living and culture of Bedouins.

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Boracay Island, Philippines

When backpacking for Southeast Asia, do not forget to swing action in Philippines - Boracay. Famous because of its crazy beach functions, Boracay comes with an electric and magnetic nightlife circuit. Beside the famous nightlife in Boracay, there is also soft white sand on the island, clear water and various thrilling water sports are best activities.

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Kuang Si Comes, Laos

When it is about travel and leisure, Laos just doesn't get as much as attention like other parts of Asia. But this place is outstanding too!  The city has no deficit of diversions and marvelous sites. And one of the beautiful destinations of Laos is Kuang Si waterfalls. Although it's a little bit congested, the waterfall can still offer you a quality time in its reviving water and stunning scenery.

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