Christian Grey’s Character (James Dornan) in the Fifty Shades Trilogy
To be sincere, the Irish actor, musician, and model has something extra to deliver for the Fifty Shades trilogy. Just like Dakota Johnson, he wasn’t the first selected actor for the franchise, but fell down to the producers like an oasis. Initially, Robert Pattinson was considered for the role of Christian Grey, but E. L. James disapproved of it since Pattinson had appeared in Twilight and bringing his co-partner Kristen Stewart seemed weird. Ryan Gosling, was the studio’s favorite, but never desired to star in the film.

Charlie Hunnam was then cast as Christian Grey, but later dropped out paving a way for James Dornan. According to the producers, Dornan possessed the chemistry, and dedication to his role which filled the gaps.

After appearing in Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker, it was rumored that Dornan, wouldn’t be returning for the last installment only to star in the first trailer. His role has been associated with major critics and disapprovements, especially when it comes to his BDSM involvements.

Apart from that, Dornan’s role is appreciated by his fans and more importantly the franchise’s fans. Just like Dakota, he also won an award for worst actor. To finalize with James Dornan’s role as Christian Grey’s, watch Fifty Shades Freed online free this Valentine’s season.

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