Creating magic on the screen with VFX Los Angeles
The art of filmmaking
The process by which a film is made is known as filmmaking. It involves several stages like the very initial stage involves the generation of an idea then forming a story with the help of screen writers after that casting is done then shooting and after that required processes of adding sound effects and video editing screening makes it a final product to be watched for audience. There have been a lot of development observed in the field of filmmaking since last decade the technology used in production as well as in post-production have evolved in such a way that it appears to be magical on the screen. This could be possible with visual effects and one could easily avail the services from VFX Los Angeles if he or she lives there.

Stages of Production
There is involvement of some steps in completion of any process; similarly in filmmaking several stages are involved after which we are able to enjoy it in the theatre. The three stages of production are-

• Pre-production stage is the basic stage which involves every essential thing required to getting started with filming the work of art direction is done cast and crew are decided and most importantly the story boards are drawn.

• Production is the stage which involves shooting of the film. Shooting includes lights camera along with the actors in their respective characters. When director says pack-up the shooting for that day is over. It is a crucial sage as it involves art as well as techniques.

• Post- production is the stage in which movie is made as a finished product it includes editing of the film with adding different required transitions mixing and dubbing of sounds is also the part of post-production along with all the credits and title of the film. The most prominent and magical development that took place in post-production is visual effects or commonly known as VFX.
VFX makes the impossible things possible on the screen. Almost filmmaking in every country involves the use of these effects but majorly it is used in Hollywood. There are number of production houses which provide VFX services for the big feature films as well as for short and private videos as well that means one could easily find VFX Los Angeles for exploring the art of filmmaking and creating incredible and unbelievable things on the screen in the process of post production.     

The VFX (visual effects) are used in almost every feature, short and advertisement film in order to make it more appealing with respect to visuals. The scenes of drastic explosion, dangerous as well as imaginary animals, big robots etc could only be possible and look relevant because of the VFX. Although, the simple uses of VFX is also there which may include changing of the backgrounds and for normal transitions. A lot of scope has been observed in VFX with the growing interest of new generation film makers in it.

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